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gru 25 2006 Nieobecność
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Moja miłości,

odnaleźliśmy się

spragnieni i

wypiliśmy wszystką wodę i krew

odnaleźliśmy się głodni

i pogryźliśmy się

tak jak gryzie ogień,

Zostawiając w nas rany.


Ale poczekaj na mnie,

Zachowaj swoją słodycz.

Ja także dam ci


             <Pablo Neruda, Wiersze Kapitana 1952>

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gru 22 2006 FABRIC OF LIFE
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  I want to say something to all of you

  Who have become a part

  Of the fabric of my life.

  The colour and texture

  Which you have brought into

  My being

  Have become a song

  And I want to sing it forever.

  There is an energy in us

  Which makes things happen

  When the paths of other persons

  Touch ours.

  And we have to be there

  And let it happen.

  When the time of our particulary sunset cames

  Our thing, our accomplishment

  Won't really matter

  A great deal.

  But the clarity and care

  With which we have loved others

  Will speak with virtuality

  Of the great gift of life

  We have been for each other.

                      (Autor NN)

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